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2023 Proactive Customer Retention Report



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This is a space for healthy discussions but in a respectful way. In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t really have a straightforward answer.

White Papers

Ascendo whitepaper highlights the features, products, services and solutions by Ascendo.


Ascendo webinar is a live event with the purpose to give an overview of Ascendo to the audience.


Ascendo Infographics give an easy to understand overview of Ascendo AI products and solutions.

Chat GPT

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) prompts and associated best-knowledgeable posts. It helps to have an organized and structured way of learning about trending chatGPT.

2023 Proactive Customer Retention


Be proactive now: Download the report to learn how to build and deploy a data-driven proactive customer service strategy that boosts customer retention and your company’s bottom line.

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