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Knowledge Management to Knowledge Intelligence

Forget clunky knowledge management! KI, powered by AI, makes it smarter and more helpful for customer support. It learns, creates, and shares knowledge. KCI, an advanced KI approach, prioritizes valuable content and guides workflows. The result: exceptional customer service through intelligent knowledge.

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Proactive Customer Retention Paper

"Revolutionize your approach to customer service. Traditional methods fall short, costing more and leaving customers dissatisfied. Break free from reactivity download our report for a data-driven, proactive strategy that boosts customer retention and your bottom line."

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2024 Predictions for Customer Service Teams

"Explore the future of customer service with AI and machine learning trends. AI Unleashes Potential in Self-Service, Assisted Support, & Beyond! Download our 2024 predictions for Customer Service teams to stay ahead and position your operations for success. Uncover quick wins & position your service for future success. Don't miss out!"

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Elevate Support Logistics Operations with Ascendo AI

Explore the future of service logistics with Ascendo.AI's cutting-edge machine learning and big data solutions. Discover how Cognitive Parts Planning optimizes spare parts management for efficient service operations.

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Augmented Agent

Tired of frustrated agents and overwhelmed customers? Ascendo's Augmented Agent is the ultimate copilot for your support team.

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Why Ascendo

Unleash the power of your data. Discover how Ascendo can transform your customer service.

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AI Search

Revolutionize customer support with Ascendo AI search.Go beyond chatbots, find answers instantly.

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Auto Categorization

Ascendo brings to you one of its most utilized and successful components, Auto Categorization, that is built on state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques and Deep Learning algorithms.

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AI Based Modern Support Experience

Get started to transform Support from
reactive to proactive.

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Should Companies Use Slack or Teams with their Customers?

Get started to transform complicated client communications on Slack to smooth, AI assisted interactions.

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Escalation Management Guide for Proactive Support Teams

Don't just react to escalations, proactively prevent them. Unleash the power of Ascendo and transform your support experience.

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