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Escalation Management Guide for proactive support teams

Don't just react to escalations, proactively prevent them. Unleash the power of Ascendo and transform your support experience.

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Here is your go-to guide on what's latest and greatest in delivering superior customer service with the power of artificial intelligence. Catch some invaluable industry insights, and take it forward on your social media channels!

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Every customer support team member is on a constant quest to satisfy every interaction with the customer to the fullest extent. They are on a constant lookout to try and minimize conflicts so it doesn't escalate. They keep an eye on something / anything that leaves customers agitated or frustrated. But escalations do happen. Some interactions do leave customers agitated or frustrated. It is a necessary byproduct to find unique feedback and perspectives and use it to improve improve the Support Experience. Here are the most important things to know about customer escalation management in day-to-day customer support.

This whitepaper will go through the deeper aspects of Escalation management:

What is Customer Escalation?

Common Reasons For Escalations

Types of Escalation

Escalation Management Playbook

Proactive Escalation Management

A Brief Overview of Ascendo AI

Think different in order to change the rules. By definition, if you don’t change the rules you aren’t a revolutionary, and if you don’t think different, you won’t change the rules.

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Escalation Management Guide For Proactive Support Teams

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