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AI Bot

Conversational Intelligence from self help to agent assist creating consistency across channels.

If you have been operating with a chat bot for website, a tool for each Slack, Teams, Whatsapp and other conversational support channels, you must be drowning in rules, process definitions and chat bot training.

Welcome to the wold of Ascendo AI resolution engine that works across data to give you the most relevant solutions based on customer interaction.   


Measure every self service interaction to see resolution, solution effectiveness, Customer Effort Score or CSAT.  No need to train or run multiple weeks of POC.  Scale your team and measure ROI from within Ascendo.  ​

Ascendo Conversational Engine


Not your chat bot!

Ascendo’s AI Bot consolidates knowledge from multiple data sources to provide your customers solutions with any interaction.

Your customers need not create a ticket for all issues when a myriad of solutions probabilistically ranked are provided from multiple data sources all in one page.


Solve Complex Issues

Our distinctive AI search model returns contextual solutions as it has been able to harness tribal knowledge specific to our clients.

The uniqueness of Ascendo’s AI Search is embedded into your conversations to provide consistency across channels.


Cater to your industry

While Ascendo’s AI Bot can cater to your customer support needs irrespective of the industry, it can also be configured to gain specific knowledge.


Resolve not Prolong

As a customer support agent, Ascendo’s AI Search allows you to view solutions based on which data sources and predicted root causes you want to explore.

It also allows you to differentiate your solution search between different products.


Predict Customer effort and health scores

All interactions with customers are saved

and used as a knowledge bank to understand the trends and patterns of customer concerns over time.  

Omni Channel Ready

Using Ascendo Conversational interface, interact with an AI bot, Slack, Teams or Whatsapp.  Ascendo will return the most relevant solution to your queries. Use it for simple to complex interactions.  Where Ascendo AI cannot help, it will gladly connect with an agent or open a ticket.  Readily available in any support channel.

One Platform for entire Customer Service Lifecycle

A bot with Intelligence

Live Agent handshake

Your customers never have to repeat their bot interactions and what they tried so far EVER.  When a agent handoff happens, agent not only knows what solutions the customer has tried before but also gets additional predictions from enhanced data access.  Make every front-line agent a super hero!

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