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Arm your agents with the help they need when they need it.

Knowledge Intelligence

Resolve issues as they arise.  Know what questions come from customers and how agents are responding.  Connect with an existing knowledge base or automatically create new knowledge from conversations.  Improve only the knowledge that is required to meet your Self Service and agent quality goals.

Real-time  Voice of the Customer

Derive Trends, Risks, Sentiment, and Patterns 


Voice of the Customer

Automatically triage, tag, categorize and prioritize issues, solutions, and root causes across all Slack conversations.

Get real-time Product Feedback, Knowledge Intelligence, and training information to automate Support Operations.

Agent Assist within Slack

This integration lets your support agents use Ascendo’s self-learning engine with the/ask Ascendo slash command to get the solutions your customers could be looking for, making it a simple and powerful tool for agents handling customer queries.

Run Support Operations on Slack

Track and resolve issues that arise on Slack from within the conversations.  Decide if you want your customers to get self-service or agents to get help or both from within Slack.  Learn and create knowledge automatically from everyday interactions. Get the entire company involved so customer-facing teams are armed with the latest information to help customers.

Ascendo + Slack

Use Slack for complete Support Operations


Ascendo + Slack

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Proactive Support

Ready for Agents, Customers and Leaders

Install Guide

A simple no-code method to install the Ascendo application in your Slack workspace.

Install Guide
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