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Smart Backlog

Smart Backlog

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Top Call Drivers

As the volume of data increases, the complexity of the issues also goes higher exponentially. This leads to the immediate need of not just tracking issues, but also keeping an eye on how issues are changing over time, which issues are causing continuous customer dissatisfaction, what latent factors are causing issues to go up/down and which ones are completely new or unseen.


With Ascendo’s AI Engine, the above challenge, which takes almost 17.2 hours a week on an average for an agent, becomes a click of a button!

Top Call Drivers


Dealing with the continuous flurry of new issues in the form of tickets is always a challenge. Ascendo  surmounts this by providing you a smart backlog for your tickets that entails not only actions to prioritize, sort and keep track of your tickets but also predictions to automatically group similar tickets together and solutions to resolve them, then and there.

Ascendo performs contextual clustering on your tickets and groups them into similar buckets. From here, not only can you see the number of tickets for each type of issue, but also take actions on these tickets from within Ascendo itself. Ascendo also provides predictive solutions based on the history of your tickets, contextual information and hidden intent. This knowledge can then also be applied to existing tickets in the form of responses, that are generated by Ascendo using the predictive results. 



Understanding the Problem

While it is incredibly difficult to deal with the high volume, velocity and variety of data, Ascendo has created algorithms that can help you understand the data deeply. Utilizing the state of the art NLP and ML models, we are able to generate data insights and provide relevant solutions at the same time.




Ascendo uses its custom advanced ranking system to choose the most valuable and relevant solutions for the problem searched. To set the right relevance, our ranking system also keeps track of any human feedback and other features such as solution’s recency, expert technicians and the number of clicks.



Along with understanding keyword importance, Ascendo AI Engine uses Advanced Transformers and Attention networks to depict the text in the vector space. With the Attention mechanism and Positional Encoding, ​​Ascendo is able to find context for any position within the sentence.


Categories & Sub Categories

Ascendo AI engine is able to inspect the incoming issues to find the related symptoms, problem categories and problem subcategories. This gives knowledge to the agents, which otherwise goes undetected. Consequently, the agents can take the right actions and result in fewer escalations.


A Guide for Agents

Gone are the days when agents had to do everything by themselves. Ascendo provides an always available guide to agents that intelligently pilots the agents towards the right solutions, actions, and the right game plan.


Resolve with Minimal


No matter how careful you are, where your ticket ends up always involves a bias. With Ascendo’s AI, you need not worry any more, as it removes the undetected subjectivity that often comes into play when a ticket is being routed to the right assignee.

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