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Dated : 22th October 2022

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Turning customer service to a profit center

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Connect to your existing systems.

We have connectors to over 400+ systems across Knowledge Bases, Ticketing, Bug Tracking, Alerting, Monitoring, Chat Provisions, Portals and RPA.

Prime Integrations

Cognitive Search for customers to use on websites or within application.  AI Search for agents on Email, Phone, Teams, Slack or OpenAPI with detailed guides.

AI Search

Conversational Intelligence for customers and agents.  No code, instant deployment for self service, virtual agents or live agents.

AI Bot

Need additional help right from CRM or any other system you use?  Why not leverage the power of AI search and guides right from your browser?

Chrome Extension

With Ascendo, you can use Slack as a true Customer Success and support platform.  Create automatic knowledge, resolve and identify patterns, insights and trends on issues coming through Slack Channels.