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Augmented Agent

Assist agents where they need and when they need. Automatically learn from the expert to make every agent an expert.
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How We Do?

Ascendo is the expert in every agent's back pocket

Ascendo’s Core Engine utilizes state of the art NLU techniques to examine sentences based on the textual information and understands the word co-alignment within the text using Lexical Analysis and Syntactic Parsing combined with Word Semantics.

In terms of understanding the context, we do not rely only on key-words. Ascendo uses Advanced Transformers and Attention networks to depict the text in the vector space. With the Attention mechanism and Positional Encoding, ​​Ascendo is able to find context for any position within the sentence.


Our models are pre trained on multiple customer tickets, cases, reviews and SRs and also get fine tuned based on customer’s datasets. This helps to understand text representations pragmatically, where problems can be linked to new problems in the same space, based on the context's relevance.

Establish Connection

Ascendo establishes connection with  existing CRM, support data and historical service data, responses, knowledge bases, and bug database are ingested.  Transforms information into multidimensional adaptive schema.

Semantic Inference of data

Ascendo engine organizes data to symptoms - problems - root cause and solution.  Automated data pipeline, cleaning, organizing across many types of products is what Ascendo excels at. 

Recommendation Engine

Looks at the dimension of problem context, solution effectiveness, recent solutions, and Provides top solution(s) for the root cause which users select amongst possible options.

Symbiotic Man - Machine

Built on the symbiotic Man-Machine principles to improve solutions continuously and never stops with the initial learning.

Your Expert Agent

A smart agent in every interaction and Channel.

Resolve issues across any channel.


This is a great space to write a long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Talk about your team and what services you provide.

Share AI insights for any type of issue.

Repeated issue?  Simple Query?  Complex issue?  One-off issue?


Stop searching across various applications.  No more frantically calling experts or deploying field agents.  Know what to ask, when to ask, how to look at customer data and follow recommendations.  

Tribal Knowledge Conversion.

You need a system that learns from experts' every move.  You need a system that elevates the efficiency of the entire team.


Ascendo is the only platform that can help with individual resolutions as well as share patterns and actions for entire teams to improve.


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple construction sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.


Live Agent

Transfer from Customer Self Service to Agent seamlessly across multiple channels so your customers can get help anytime and never have to repeat themselves.

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One Prediction

Manage all your customer interactions across all channels in one place while increasing agent quality.

 AI Resolve Image



Prioritize, assign agents and triage cases automatically.  Even know who is an expert for a particular type of issue resolution.

Prioritize Image


Consolidate view of every interaction
across all channels.

Ideal in

• Issue Resolution

• Triaging


Automate repeat processes as

never before.

Ideal in

• Voice of the Customer

• Patterns and trends


Increase Customer Experience even as you onboard new agents.

Ideal in

• Tribal Knowledge

• Quality and Efficiency

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