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Measure Quality of Resolution

Mimic talking to an expert in every virtual reaction

Meet your Customer in any channel

Scale your team at any point of your customer journey

Customer Feedback Learning

Keep improving with every feedback

Measure customer support experience from all channels

Do way more with fewer agents


Self Service

Resolve issues, learn from issues, build the ability to augment human agents. Scale your workforce.

5/5 Ratings

SOC 2 certified

No credit card required





Virtual Agent

It has never been easier to resolve complex issues before. Ascendo provides intelligent predictions based on your queries and guides you towards the resolution efficiently.


Now, reach out to more customers through multiple channels right from where conversations begin. Easily provide end customers with a human-like AI Bot or have smart search enabled on your websites, always available to self-serve without any human assistance. Ascendo also spreads its wings on direct channels like Slack and Whatsapp making the process more interactive, accessible and faster than ever before.

With primary predictions and actionable secondary predictions, we aim to decrease your resolution time and increase your productive outcomes.


Fully Automatic

Ascendo is a fully automatic no-code solution to enhance your self service. Integrate Ascendo models with multiple support channels such as conversational Bots, Slack and WhatsApp with minimal efforts.

No issues go unattended with Ascendo. We keep track of all the new issues that are fed into Ascendo’s Intelligence engine. The AI engine always keeps learning from every user interaction automatically, and updates the solution stack with smarter solutions over time.


Ascendo also guides users right from the beginning to the very end of the resolution process, making it a lot easier to find the needle in the haystack.


Immediate ROI

Ascendo provides an opportunity to turn the high volume of complex data to your advantage and make a greater impact.

With reduction in number of escalations, reduction in problem to solution time and increase in overall productivity of the agents, you recognize ROI from day 1.  Ascendo gets the most out of support interactions, and increases your customer’s satisfaction to greater levels.


Ascendo provides recognized ROI in the product so you can align your costs with true value from using Ascendo. 


Self-Learning Engine

One of the biggest challenges in the customer support process is to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving problem and solution stack. Ascendo bravely deals with it, thanks to its self-learning engine.

Our self learning engine is backed by state of the art NLU algorithms with hybrid Machine Learning models working in parallel.  Our models learn from every single customer interaction, from all the data sources and various support channels.


This allows Ascendo to categorize your issues, detect new issues, look up for existing solutions and enhance the solutions with more relevant knowledge.  Now your  agents are always up to date with the latest information.


Automatic Entitlement

Ascendo’s engine understands the respective entitlements for  customers, throughout the support journey, starting right from the very beginning when the interaction is initiated to the resolution of the issue.

Ascendo’s entitlements are spread across customer’s support channels, the type of customers, total term, and purchases. Ascendo automatically keeps track of these entitlements and also helps the agents to be on track.


Now you don’t have to spend additional time to manage entitlements and utilize Ascendo's ability to do the job faster and more efficiently.

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