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How It Works

Step 1

Reduce Churn

Product evolving fast?  With Ascendo, you can detect new issues in real-time to avoid escalations and for concrete product feedback.

Step 2

Superior Support


Put customer in the middle and drive actions around

what is best for the


Step 3

Real-Time pulse of the Customer

Let real time trends and patterns drive decisions

in your Support


Predictive Alerts to match with outcomes that show what knobs to tweak to improve efficiency in Support Operations.


Voice of the Customer

Drive product to where it matters most.  Assess patterns to make more informed decisions on staffing, knowledge and scale of your team.

5/5 Ratings

SOC 2 certified

No credit card required



Auto Categorization

streamlines data organization effortlessly, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Context-Rich Interface

a user-friendly experience enriched with pertinent information.

Accurate Analysis

provides precise insights for informed decision-making


condenses complex content into concise, informative highlights.

Voice of the Customer

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