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How It Works

Step 1

Analyze the impact for changes

Planners can quickly get the entire shortage and surplus impact at any point in time.  Ascendo provides the requirements of part by depot along with opportunity for substitution, cost impact, gaps, and additional needs at regional and global hubs.

Analyze Impact For Changes

Step 2

Address shortage based on priority

Knowing the potential risk and the level of risk allows planners to either move parts from one location to another or find the supplies to solve potential customer risks.  Fully transition to proactive support!

Address Shortage Priority

Step 3

Understand the SLA coverage and risks

Logistics operations leaders can understand the potential SLA coverage risk by customer, product, depot, regions.  They can guide their planners to take actions to solve coverage issues based on customer and business impact.

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Support teams that need to have spare parts face a unique challenge of needing to stock spare parts in one or more locations (depots) in order to satisfy support contract commitments they have with customers.  Depending on the mission critical nature of the products, they may be offering various service levels such as 4 hour replacement, 8 hour replacement or Next Business Day (NBD).  Given their customers are geographically dispersed, support teams may have to stock spares parts in more than one distribution center and depots.   For global companies, they may also take into consideration specific country custom rules when deciding the location and quantity of their spare parts. 


Ascendo is able to use information such as the field failure characteristics, customer install base growth trend, specific consumption pattern at depot-part level, and type of support contracts, and recommend the spare parts stocking requirements.  Using Ascendo, the logistics team can optimize their spares plan in a much more effective way.  In conjunction with the support teams’s ERP system, planners are able to use Ascendo recommendations to determine their reorder point (ROP) at the spare part-location level.  Ascendo's prediction logic provides customer SLA risk that logistics team leaders are able to use to take proactive actions.  Furthermore, Ascendo can detect the change in install base movement and change in third party logistics team locations to provide proactive alerts for the logistics team to better plan their spare parts move as well as procurement. 

Understand the SLA coverage and risks


Understand the field failure characteristics, customer install base growth trend, consumption pattern at depot-part level, type of support contracts, and supply chain constraints to recommend spare parts stocking requirements.
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