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When an agent Prior to the “remote” workforce model, many agents were collocated and had the luxury to “swing” their chair and talk to their colleague to get help.  There is an inherent challenge in that Agent “supposed to know who to go to for help”.  With increased remote workforce that has become a bit harder.  Also, knowing the expert has become a unique trait of Agents rather than a corporate knowledge. 


Even in a colocation scenario, Agents tend to ask their neighbour like “hey, do you know the answer for this?” and not necessarily the true expert that might know the answer in the back of their hand.  This is where Ascendo comes into help.  Ascendo has a  way to automatically identify the “experts” based on how prior similar issues are solved, how many and how effective they were.  Ascendo uses its own unique modeling technique to derive the expert by first understanding the context in which the question is being asked, knowing the intent, and quickly maps the issues that were similar to being asked, and detects the experts based on how well they solved the issues.  Ascendo knows the difference between quantity and quality.  The modeling technique uses the customer satisfaction on the prior solutions to improve the ability to determine the expert.

Know who to call for help

Ascendo uses the context and intent behind the question, and uses self learning model to find the expert that can answer the question -  inference is based on the product, question, depth of knowledge, customer satisfaction and solution effectiveness.  No more hard coding.  Make your expert virtually available at all times and on all channels. 


Product based Inference

Ascendo models know who the expert is for a particular product or even an area of the product.  



Expert is defined by the type of issue that is being raised.  This enables the right person to handle the right request at the right time.


Depth of Knowledge

Ascendo models provide not just the right solution, but includes several parameters, eg., recency of it being used to solve the issue.


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction derived by the customer is not just in the right solution but also the way it is presented to them.


Solution Effectiveness

A solution effectiveness is measured by follow-on actions by the customer.  Did they come back with the same issue again?  Was there a follow up in the ticket?

Auto Identifies the experts

Experts are identified based on how many similar issues they solved before and how well they solved based on the customer experience.  The learning is automatic and autonomous.

Remote, Hybrid, Co-located - No Problem

Irrespective of the staffing model whether in-sourced, outsourced, colocated, fully remote or hybrid, Ascendo removes the guess work of an agent “knowing who to go for help to the real experts. 

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