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Provide your experts at all times and all channels with virtual agent.
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Become a Super Agent

It’s time to give up all the manual work, starting from understanding problems, to managing knowledge,  to recommending solutions.

Establish Connections

No need to keep jumping between your CRM systems looking for relevant information. Easily connect to multiple CRMs and other data sources using Ascendo’s simple no-code integrations and observe the solutions ranked all together, at one place.

Translate Abstract data to Knowledge

Unstructured tribal data becomes knowledge only when you know where it can be used and applied. With Ascendo’s AI Engine, it becomes easier to understand how solutions can be applied to problems, and how solutions and problems correlate among themselves so that the relevant solutions can become your knowledge stack.

Understand the Gaps

It isn’t hard anymore to know where the gaps are! Ascendo’s Auto Categorization and Top Call Drivers help you understand how issues change over time, which ones are prevailing issues and for which ones you need solutions to cover the gaps.

Fill in the Gaps

Do not wait for someone to create knowledge for you. Utilize Ascendo Data Enrichment to enhance your knowledge each time new issues are detected and fill in the open gaps. Ascendo readily learns from this knowledge and makes it prediction ready, on the fly.

Update your Knowledge

Static Knowledge is never enough in a world of endless possibilities. Using Ascendo’s modules, easily update and enhance knowledge articles whenever necessary. Or simply wait for Ascendo to find out when is the best time to do so!

Become a Smart Leader

Understand what data sources are most important in decision making.

Recognize Valuable Knowledge

It is immensely important to know what type of knowledge is more helpful to assign resources across your knowledge management. Ascendo brings relevance from over all the available data sources, and provides a high level observability over how your solutions are distributed.

Observe Constructive Insights

Discover Insights from various knowledge sources and when customers are interacting. Ascendo provides the most meaningful insights on its leaderboard that help you make impactful decisions.

Optimize Time Utilization

Save multiple man hours that were being spent to create knowledge content after numerous internal discussions. With Ascendo, easily figure out what are the most important knowledge sources, solutions, and actions that are necessary to be in effect.

Calculate CSAT and Savings

Determine how knowledge inclusion affects customer satisfaction scores and savings. Dive deeper into issues, solutions, gaps, knowledge and top drivers that can have a powerful impact to increase savings and CSAT scores.

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