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Our Challenge

Current State of Support Experience 

In light of the declining average Customer Experience (CX) scores in recent years, notably reaching a current low of 48.6, there is an urgent imperative to enhance the support experience. The amount and speed of customer inquiries, coming from various channels and sources, are making it tough to improve the support experience. With unstructured data and disconnected systems and data sources, support agents find themselves constantly in firefighting mode. This will lead to a longer first-time fixing and escalations for the support tickets. Consequently, this situation results in prolonged resolution times for initial fixes and an increase in escalations for support tickets. 

Our Joint Solution

Ascendo AI is a co-pilot for support and service teams. Ascendo shares relevant solutions, predict precise debugging steps, and refines knowledge just like what an expert would have done.  Ascendo provides a highly accurate game plan for complex expert, remote, field, contact center, or self-service support.  Using Ascendo's superior AI explainability, teams reduce resolution time and escalations, and identify patterns to become proactive. 

Ascendo- A Co-Pilot for Proactive Support 

Ascendo with ResolveGPT Capabilities 

Ascendo  ResolveGPT embedded as a tab with Zendesk.  Ascendo ResolveGPT provides relevant portions of past references with superior AI explainability. It will not only understand the intent behind the problem of support ticket but also provide sentiment analysis and solution with Gen AI summarization. 

Resolve issues as they arise.  Know what questions come from customers and how agents respond.  Connect with an existing knowledge base or automatically create new knowledge from conversations.  Improve only the knowledge that is required to meet your Self-Service and agent quality goals. 

Knowledge Intelligence

Ascendo transforms customer support by offering accurate, efficient, and innovative solutions that empower support teams and enhance customer experiences. With the ability to integrate seamlessly into Zendesk and access data from various sources, Ascendo becomes a reliable tool in the hands of support professionals. 

In conclusion, Ascendo AI represents a significant advancement in the field of customer support, addressing the challenges posed by complex cases, remote work, and outdated information. Its ability to extract insights from interactions and provide tailored, AI-driven solutions revolutionizes the way support teams engage with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and business success. 

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