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Dated : 22th October 2022

Duration : 30 Minutes

35 minutes

Turning customer service to a profit center

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Google: Lets talk AI


Let's meet - Ascendo is proud to be at GoogleAI

Ascendo will be discussing on AI for business. The event focused on AI in Robotics


ROBO Business



Ascendo spoke on the power of visibility, analytics, automation & visualization at the MSP Expo at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada


Awards and news

We are invited to various conferences, publications and workshops to share our experience and case studies. Thank you for providing us the opportunity. Blogs, awards, videos and news related to it are linked here.

Get started with Ascendo Today


Highly attended meet up in Microsoft store at Stanford Center

meet up

Al in the enterprise

Provided bootcamp to industry leaders and startup founders


AI ML Bootcamp

Karpagam Narayanan is a co-founder of Ascendo, a Prescriptive Service application.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Predictive vs. Prescriptive in Manufacturing Service

In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t have really a straightforward answer. We then bring in speakers who have been there, and seen this but approached it in very different ways.

Webinar,Events & Trending

Exclusive Events

Ascendo Human-Machine self learning engine increases the speed, accuracy, and productivity of customer support and success teams.

Ascendo helps agents

What is ascendo?

Company is dedicated about scaling their product to SMB market. Plenty of support is offered throughout the role. Hours are flexible as the role relies on your self-enterprising capacity. Encouraging

Palo Alto, CA

Glassdoor Ratings

With the decline of average CX scores over the past years (recently dropping down to 48.6), the need for better support experience is at its peak.

Support Experience

Automate your Support Experience

Curious about new technological advancements in the manufacturing industry? Explore our analysis of 392 global startups & scale ups

Global Startup Heat Map

Discover 5 Top Predictive Quality Solutions for Manufacturing

In this session we discuss on actual survey based roadblocks that AI projects face, real life use cases, methods and processes. Attendees will be able to

Intelligent Service application

Maximizing ROI in AI projects

The field service management (FSM) industry revolves around incidents that are handled for end employees.

Forbes Technology Council

Why It's Time To Automate Field Service Incidents

When you think you do not have much data, you stop to look at potential possibilities with existing data. However, it becomes a singular focus to collect additional data.

Forbes Technology Council

Do You Have Enough Data For Machine Learning?

At my company, we're always asked if machines will eventually will take away support jobs. Do computers substitute humans or, are they complementary to existing workers?

Forbes Technology Council

Man And Machine In Customer Support

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