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Predictive trend and status of the Install Base

Operations leaders can assess the risk of the install base by product, region, risk level and other parameters.  Get predictions on potential risk level to prepare for proactive measures.


Understand the risk of the entire install base

Imagine Customer success and support teams being able to look at the flight data recorder type of data from their install base and figuring potential issues that may disrupt customer operations in the future thereby avoiding customer escalations and associated costs.


Understand the reasoning behind the risk

Imagine knowing the possible causes of the problems before they happen.  Gives ample time to pull the resources, both personnel and materials, to take proactive actions.  No more unnecessary expenses, and wastages. Instead, delighted customers knowing they are taken care of without having to worry.

Risk Analysis

Ascendo helps look at the risk of the entire install base as a whole or one at a time, and take action before they become a problem or escalation.

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SOC 2 certified

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