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Gokulakrishnan Venkat

Front End Engineer

"Mr. UI Perfect"


Customer Success Specialist

"Supportive 24/7"

John Peter

Data Scientist

"Pioneering and Decisive"

Karpagam Narayanan


"Self-Made Woman"

Agnes Sanjana John

Human Resource Representative
"For People Always"

Anandha Kannan

Software Engineer
"Young and Sensible"


Data Scientist 


Technical Support Engineer

"Resilient Achiever"

The team that makes it happen.

Our team is comprised of extremely talented designers, developers, managers, marketers, quality analysts, and writers. Below is a list of the folks we have leading the Ascendo Crew.​

Hey, we're Ascendo and our work's no joke

We help businesses like yours earn more customers and recruit top talent with their websites.


Our culture mainly fosters growth mindset, collaboration, and a strong sense of purpose. All of these has greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Agnes Sanjana John

You are provided a great opportunity to work along with the cofounders and thinking out of the box is constantly encouraged.

Anandha Kannan

It's been a remarkable journey so far and I look forward to continued success with this incredible organization.

Khalisaran Kannan

Head of Engineering

"Empowered Catalyst"

Naveen Srinivasa

Data Scientist

"Transforming Insights"

Nikhil Xavier John

Software Engineer

"Back-End Wizardry"

Prajeeth Muthukumaran

Software Engineer

"Front-End Visualiser"

Roshan Sasikumar

Product Designer

"Design Strategist"

Surbhi Gajendar Singh

Head of Design

"Brand Custodian"

Vrinda Mathur

Data Scientist

"Our Great Find"

Ramesh Kumar Sahu

Sales Development Representative and Presales Consultant

"Our Best Closer"

Ramki PitchuIyer


"Jack Of All Trades"

Randy Chinn

Chief Revenue Officer

"Revenue Innovation in Action"

Rohit Krishnamoorthy

Lead Engineer 

"Visionary Reader"

The team success meet was a gathering of exceptional individuals united by a common purpose. Through collaborative efforts, effective communication, and unwavering commitment, they achieved remarkable results. The meet fostered a sense of unity, sparked innovation, and left a lasting impression on each participant. It was a testament to the power of teamwork and a catalyst for future triumphs. Remember, success is not solely defined by individual accomplishments but by the collective efforts and collaboration of a team.

Memorable wins, every time.


“Success is not just about making money. It’s about making a difference together.”

Team Dinner

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”
- Michael Jordan

Team Vacation

Team Meeting

"The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil Jackson

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