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ChatGPT and the future of Customer Support

Speaker - Ramki Pitchuiyer

December 20, 2022

There is excitement on many tech and business channels on ChatGPT from Open.AI. We have been following Open.AI and GPT-3 for some time. We have discussed the technology and explored its impact on the customer support experience space, possible limitations, and opportunities.

We brought up many more informative points, to learn more Join Ascendo AI for this Experience Dialogue on ChatGPT and the future of Customer Support.

At the end of each dialogue, we want you and our audience to leave with valuable insights and approaches that you can try at your workplace - and continue the discourse in our social media channels!

Introduction to the speaker.

Ramki Pitchuiyer is the Co-Founder and CTO at Ascendo.AI. Ramki comes with a deep data science and support background.  He ran managed services for Oracle Cloud, created a proactive support platform for NetApp’s multi-billion dollar business and is respected for his mathematical and business thinking in data science.  At Ascendo, his mission is to give meaning to each and every customer interaction, and elevate the experience of customers and support agents.

About Ascendo

Ascendo is addressing optimization of Support Operations within enterprises so that they can serve their customers better, optimize workflow for their agents and provide dashboards for insights on risk, churn analysis and visibility for the senior managers. We are revolutionizing SupportOps in the same way that DevOps and RevOps have transformed other areas of business. In the last 3 years we have created a G2 category and are ranked #1 in user satisfaction.

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