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The Future of Service Support: Unveiling the Power of Knowledge Intelligence

Speaker: Bret Allinson

April 17, 2024

This podcast explores how Knowledge Intelligence is transforming the way support content is created. By leveraging AI, knowledge can be captured, analyzed, and delivered faster, improving the information provided to both customers and product teams.

The video features Bret Allinson, a seasoned service leader with extensive experience. He emphasizes the critical role knowledge plays in service support and the benefits of unlocking and reusing it. AI is highlighted as a game-changer, enabling the rapid creation and publication of highly relevant content.

Key takeaways include:

  • Faster, More Relevant Content: AI significantly accelerates content creation and publication, ensuring timely and relevant information is always at hand.

  • Unlocking Knowledge Potential: Knowledge Intelligence goes beyond traditional methods by unlocking and reusing existing knowledge across various customer interactions, leading to greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Multiple Knowledge Applications: The video explores three key areas where knowledge is utilized: summarizing existing knowledge for reuse, generating new knowledge from interactions, and proactively using knowledge during customer support.

  • Measuring Performance: A "business value index" is introduced as a metric that considers knowledge usage, sentiment analysis, and AI utilization to measure knowledge effectiveness.

  • Empowered Teams, Enhanced Products: By leveraging knowledge from closed cases, support teams gain valuable insights to improve their productivity and resolve customer issues faster. Furthermore, knowledge analysis can be used for product improvements, allowing the support organization to play a more active role in product development.

About Speaker:

Bret Allinson is a visionary and resourceful global technology business leader at Veritas Technologies LLC, a leading provider of data protection and availability solutions. He leverages capital, technology, best practices, and empowers the right people to create long-term value for the organization and its clients. He is passionate about strategically growing sustainable organizations for profitability and service excellence. He had extensive experience at major companies like Avaya, Xerox, HP, and Dell.

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