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The Voice of the Customer in Discovering Markets Developing Products

Speakers: Martina Lauchengco

August 11, 2022

Experience Dialogue

In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t really have a straightforward answer. We then bring in speakers who have been there, seen this but approached it in very different ways.

Introduction to Topic

The voice of the customer is essential for any business in discovering markets and developing products. Many customers, who are already in a stressful or complex situation and need help, may become agitated during an interaction. How do you bubble up the exact issues from their interaction to make meaningful changes?

For the product to progress, customer behavior and feedback must be analyzed.

  • Does this lead to product-led growth? 

  • Customer-led growth?

  • How important is this customer behavior? 

  • What are the ways to learn about customer behavior?

The voice of the consumer research should be a group effort involving members of all departments in the company. In this Dialogue we talked about -

  • Importance of customer curiosity

  • Qualitative and quantitative

  • Four fundamentals of Product marketing

  • A product led and a customer led company

This Experience Dialogue on the voice of the customer in discovering markets, developing products brings such interesting discussions that will gain an insight into how Martina Lauchengco manages it.

This is a space for healthy disagreements and discussions but in a respectful way. Just by the nature of how we have conceived this, you will see passionate voices of opinions, friends having a dialogue, and thereby even interrupting each other or finishing each other’s sentences.

Introduction to Speaker

Martina Lauchengco Venture Partner at Costanoa Ventures also a famous Author of LOVED - How to rethink the marketing of tech products. She has also helped companies navigate product marketing and their go-to-market strategy as a partner, lecturer, advisor, and board member.

Martina is also honored for her craft bringing seminal products to market, including Microsoft Office and Netscape Navigator. Her latest book is also helpful for founders, product managers, marketers, and any leader that wants to win in their market.

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