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The CCO Playbook: Unlocking Customer Experience Leadership

Speaker: Jeb Dasteel

March 27, 2024

Buckle up for a deep dive into Customer Experience (CX) leadership! This podcast explores the experiences of Jeb Dasteel, a former Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Oracle, who now coaches other CCOs. This episode dives into the key challenges and insights for CCOs, aiming to improve customer experience (CX) and drive business growth.

Why CCO Coaching Matters

Jeb emphasizes the importance of knowledge sharing and mentorship for CCOs.  A standardized playbook for CCOs is crucial, as the role often lacks consistent approaches.

Balancing Customer and Employee Engagement

Striking a balance between customer satisfaction and employee engagement is a major challenge for CCOs, especially in complex industries like healthcare.

Optimizing Internal Handoffs

CCOs play a critical role in ensuring smooth handoffs within organizations. This ensures a seamless customer experience, where transitions between departments are invisible to the customer.

Strategic Planning vs. Day-to-Day Operations

Finding a balance between daily tasks and strategic planning is a significant hurdle for CCOs. They must be proactive and focus on long-term goals while managing immediate demands.

Key Takeaways for CCO Success

  • CCO Playbook: Develop a standardized playbook to streamline the CCO role and empower new CCOs.

  • Balancing Act: Prioritize both customer and employee engagement, acknowledging potential conflicts between these groups.

  • Seamless Transitions: Ensure efficient handoffs within the organization for an invisible and positive customer experience.

  • Strategic Focus: Balance day-to-day operations with strategic planning to be proactive and achieve long-term goals.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Collaboration and knowledge sharing among CCOs is key to overcoming challenges, improving CX, and driving business success.

By implementing these insights, CCOs can navigate the complexities of their role and become strategic drivers of customer experience and business growth.

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