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Augmented Agent

Tired of frustrated agents and overwhelmed customers? Ascendo's Augmented Agent is the ultimate copilot for your support team.

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Here is your go-to guide on what's latest and greatest in delivering superior customer service with the power of artificial intelligence. Catch some invaluable industry insights, and take it forward on your social media channels!

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In modern customer support, Agents want to have a more satisfying experience where they’re more productive, efficient, and capable in their role. Tracking down minute details of ever-evolving issues and finding relevant solutions take a significant amount of effort and time, which agents want to avoid. At the same time, because now the agents would have access to relevant knowledge, contextual information and intelligent workflows, supporting customers will turn out to be more efficient. A smart agent augmented with AI, will have the wisdom of resolving issues faster, reduce escalations, know the customers better and provide the best overall support to them in a short amount of time.

Augmented Agent is a part of Ascendo’s intelligent system wherein he is guided towards relevant solutions that get predicted based on contextual analysis of problems and get to observe customer insights which further helps him in the decision-making process and performing required actions.

Moreover, Intelligent routing augments the agent experience by ensuring that team members don’t have to constantly pass clients over to other staff members to find someone who can properly support the customer in question. On the other hand, Ascendo can also direct problems to be assigned to expert technicians or agents who have worked on similar issues in the past.

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Augmented Agent

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