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Modern Customer Support Experience ​

This webinar focuses on what leaders can do to elevate their Customer Support Experience with in their organization. We will touch up on best practices, tips and strategies that are actionable takeaways.

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How to unlock the value from every customer interaction with ai

This webinar focuses on how AI-powered insights from the entire customer journey can help you be the voice of the customer. You will find that these insights provide proactive rather than reactive support.

Role of support to increase customer engagement and mitigate churn

This webinar will share best practices gathered from our research that support teams can use to establish communication and avoid customer churn.

How to make proactive support happen? - Infinera customer support success story with Ascendo.AI

Leading customer support organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency and adopt a more proactive to resolving customer issues and improving the customer experience

Become an expert in every interaction with Ascendo and slack

Slack is emerging as a key collaboration tool, internally and with customers. Learn how to use everyday interactions, to automate creating knowledge, and spreading knowledge to help colleagues and serve customers efficiently.

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