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Proactive Customer Retention Paper

"Revolutionize your approach to customer service. Traditional methods fall short, costing more and leaving customers dissatisfied. Break free from reactivity download our report for a data-driven, proactive strategy that boosts customer retention and your bottom line."

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In today's era, Proactive customer service is your only way forward.

Research shows traditional service and support methods aren’t getting the job done:
- Service costs are up 15%.
- Lower-performing agents cost you up to 67% more than top performers.
- 86% of customers contact customer service multiple times for the same reason.
- Two-thirds of companies now compete on customer service.

Today, customer service is a key element to a great customer experience. And customer experience has never been more critical to a company’s success. It’s time to get proactive.

Service and support organizations like yours are falling short. Support calls are expensive, call volumes are high, and customer expectations are higher. Service calls are taking too long due to labor shortages and an increasing knowledge gap resulting from experienced workers leaving the workforce. KPIs show your employees are overworked and your customers are dissatisfied. And the C-suite is pressuring you to build a service strategy that will boost the company’s bottom line.

If you’re feeling the pressure, you may work for a reactive service organization. And our recent study shows you’re not alone. Focusing on KPIs like call volume and length won’t make a long-term and lasting impact that elevates your service organization as well as your company. But if you rely on your data – information collected from your customers about their issues and their service interactions – you can arm your service and support team with the knowledge they need to respond efficiently and effectively. More importantly, you’ll empower your customers with convenient self-serve options in addition to expedited agent interactions.

Be proactive now: Download the report to learn how to build and deploy a data-driven proactive customer service strategy that boosts customer retention and your company’s bottom line.

Proactive Customer Retention Paper

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