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AI Search for Customer Support

In a full support operations platform, the journey starts from the casual information exchange to self-service. In a way, this is the first step in the customer support journey and drives further levels of deeper engagement as the journey continues. Often, this is an afterthought and the focus is only on chatbots. To avoid early escalations and ensure a smooth support experience, it is vital to get familiar with the initial stage early on in the journey.

At Ascendo, we want to learn from every customer interaction throughout this journey. We bring to you one of our most useful and advanced components, AI Search.

For Ascendo, AI Search is a cognitive way to interact as compared to the conversational way of interactions using chat bots, which is equally important to the latter. We offer this choice to our customers and do believe that support experience encompasses providing customers choices so they can interact in any way they choose.

Understanding the Problem

Data in the real world is very convoluted and keeps evolving with time. As products and tools continue to improve, the number of issues and types of issues also increase. These issues keep changing with product changes and can evolve into something similar to what was faced before or extremely unique to how the product has evolved. Almost every industry today suffers from exponential growth in issues. The complexity of issues keeps raising the graph of data points. This pattern hardly stabilizes with growth in product stack and integrations.

Currently, support agents tend to spend more than 50% of their time evaluating the problems, let alone finding the right solutions. Solutions can be generated from various Data Sources that spread around the business. The origin of these solutions can also be very different. This leads to the first major challenge in the support industry, that is, gathering knowledge from widespread information sources. The second challenge is to find the needle in the haystack. The time and efforts required to look for the solution among a million solutions continue to rise with each new solution added to the stack. Current solutions offer little to the customers as they have many obstacles that come their way. Some of them include:

  • Too many Data Marts and Warehouses to be managed

  • Solutions keep evolving and often become outdated

  • Current Search Solutions are key-words focused and miss the context and intent behind the problem

  • Different Solutions can point to the same problem, but are often considered to be different - hence the knowledge stacks keep increasing unnecessarily

  • It is a difficult task to make the knowledge available to the end customers

  • There is no guidance for the agents to dive deeper into the solutions

Ascendo Search Engine

Ascendo aims to make the support experience as easy as possible for its customers. The solution has to be simple, smart, efficient, fully integrated with data sources, and most importantly requires little effort and time for users. The solution also has to bring expert knowledge into learning and has to be a continuous learning engine. The feedback loop could simply confirm and enhance automatically created root causes that groups multiple problems into its own bucket. Ascendo provides a No-code and expert-enhanced solution that can be easily plugged into your website and is prediction ready!

Download the full whitepaper to read more on this.


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