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AI Search

Cognitive intelligence answers and guides from self service to agent assist

Ascendo provides in-built connectors that help you connect to multiple data sources at once, with ease. Experts can also create knowledge by inputting their own articles to enrich the solution stack within Ascendo.


Ascendo brings all this data together, looks through all the solutions to give you the most relevant solutions based on your search. Ascendo runs different algorithms in parallel, returning the best results for you in a matter of seconds. This saves you from multiple hassle stages. Now you don’t have to keep track of multiple data sources, browse through different data sets or think about the best solution among similar solutions any more!​

Ascendo not only ranks the solutions based on multiple factors, but also guides the agents to resolve complex issues.  This Guide provides multiple levels of in-depth components that help you find the problem areas, the right experts, recommendations on actions and also parts information.  Each of these components are predicted along the search and help you get more relevant solutions.

Depth of Ascendo AI Search


One Search

Ascendo’s AI Search consolidates knowledge from multiple data sources to provide you solutions on one single platform.

Your customers need not create a ticket for all issues when a myriad of solutions probabilistically ranked are provided from multiple data sources all in one page.


Solve Complex Issues

Our distinctive AI search model returns contextual solutions as it has been able to harness tribal knowledge specific to our clients.

The uniqueness of Ascendo’s AI Search comes from superior quality of solutions.


Need Specific Information

Ascendo’s AI Search caters to your customer support needs irrespective of the industry, it can also be configured to gain specific industry knowledge, terms and experts.


Choose relevant solutions

As a customer support agent, Ascendo’s AI Search allows you to view solutions based on data sources and predicted root causes you want to explore.

It also allows you to differentiate your solution search between different products.


Know what your customer needs

All interactions with customers are saved

and used as a knowledge bank to understand the trends and patterns of customer concerns over time.  


As with any search engine, when you explain an issue, you will get answers. Specific to Ascendo’s Search, you will gain answers based on the symptom context from the various connected knowledge sources.


Interact with an AI bot, powered by Ascendo's AI Search that will return the most likely solutions to your queries. This can be achieved through any channel.

Transform how you Listen to customers

Choose your style

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