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Escalation Management Guide For Proactive Support Teams

Every customer support team member is on a constant quest to satisfy every interaction with the customer to the fullest extent. They are on a constant lookout to try and minimize conflicts so it doesn't escalate. They keep an eye on something/anything that leaves customers agitated or frustrated. But escalations do happen. Some interactions do leave customers agitated or frustrated. It is a necessary byproduct to find unique feedback and perspectives and use it to improve the Support Experience. Here are the most important things to know about customer escalation management in day-to-day customer support.

This whitepaper will go through the deeper aspects of Escalation management:

  • What is Customer Escalation?

  • Common Reasons For Escalations

  • Types of Escalation

  • Escalation Management Playbook

  • Proactive Escalation Management

  • A Brief Overview of Ascendo AI

Think different in order to change the rules. By definition, if you don’t change the rules you aren’t a revolutionary, and if you don’t think different, you won’t change the rules.

Download the full whitepaper to read more on this...


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