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Using Slack or Teams for Customer Service

When you are working with clients on long and complicated projects, nothing is more important than maintaining good lines of communication. Having constant and transparent communication with your clients can help improve your relationship with the client while ensuring that everyone’s time and money are being used effectively.

While email and phone calls are the primary forms of communication in business, these methods can be ineffective uses of time and lead to instances of misinterpretation. That is why, when it comes to long-term customer relationships, using a messaging service like Slack or Microsoft Teams can help boost productivity and client satisfaction.

These services allow you to stay in constant contact with your customers and shorten the feedback loop, allowing your team to deliver the highest quality product or service promptly.

Although these messaging services were built with internal communication in mind, adapting them to client communications takes a bit of adjustment. One popular method of adapting these existing systems for a new purpose is using plugins like Ascendo. These tools provide additional capabilities to handle the different needs of being in constant communication with clients.

Unlike Slack’s or Microsoft Team’s normal features, Ascendo allows businesses to better manage customer issues, concerns, and questions and collaborate effectively.

With Ascendo you can use ticketing tools, lead discussions about certain files, leverage AI-powered search for easy use, and unlock customer insights not seen before. Companies using Ascendo have already seen huge improvements in customer satisfaction scores and net promoter scores.

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