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What sets Ascendo Apart?

Ascendo AI is a copilot for customer support and service teams.

Ascendo is a plug-and-play engine with deep self-learning capabilities that help customer-facing teams provide proactive support. Ascendo differentiates by going deeper in understanding the meaning of every customer interaction.

Four modules of Ascendo are:

  1. Resolve – Automated workflows for Agents including resolutions, debug engine, triage, assign, and categorize. Automated self-service workflows for customers

  2. Reveal – Predictive alerts, trends, and patterns for Leaders in real-time to tweak and optimize

  3. Prevent – Reduce Escalations and Churn

  4. Predict – Spares planning to meet SLA

Ascendo AI: Your Service Co-Pilot

Ascendo AI is a SaaS software that does AI automation through domain-specific Large Language Models (LLM) built on top of foundational LLM models. It is a true copilot with thousands of automated use cases to provide insights, predicted alerts, actions, and trends. Ascendo also has plug-and-play integration with various data sources. Let us review them in detail:

  • Foundational Models: The Foundation of Ascendo is several foundational Large Language Models (LLMs). These models are advanced AI systems capable of understanding and generating human language. Along with LLMs Ascendo uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). RAG integrates LLMs like GPT-4 with external vector databases and APIs, thus enabling real-time information retrieval for up-to-date and more accurate responses. These foundational ensemble models are tuned differently for different use cases.

  • Domain-Specific LLM: What sets this Ascendo apart is its specialization in the support and service domain. It goes beyond the general language understanding of foundational LLM models and is fine-tuned for specific industries or domains. This specialization allows the software to deeply comprehend and work within a particular field, making it highly effective for domain-specific tasks. The domain-specific LLM also considers dirty data, and incorrect data and has “smart sizing” built into the tool. This sizing of both structured and unstructured data helps even if historical data is not very reliable. This approach “fixes” historical data right at ingestion for Ascendo models to give much greater accuracy and instant ROI for teams from day 1.

  • True Copilot: Ascendo is a "true copilot." Ascendo acts as a genuine partner in tasks and processes. It doesn't just automate tasks but actively collaborates with human users, offering suggestions, insights, and assistance. It's more than just a tool, an AI engine, or a resolution engine. Ascendo is a valuable ally for support agents, field service technicians, leaders, and end customers.

  • Thousands of Automated Use Cases: Identifying what an expert does and replicating the exact steps for every other user is an invaluable core of Ascendo. Ascendo handles an extensive range of tasks and processes that are done every day within support and service teams. Ascendo is pre-trained to automate thousands of use cases across support and service domains. This extensive automation capability can significantly reduce manual workloads and improve efficiency.

  • Plug and Play Integration: One of Ascendo’s key advantages is its ease of integration with various data sources. It can seamlessly connect with different systems, databases, and data streams, making it adaptable to the specific data environments of individual organizations. This includes systems of record like Jira, CRM, and Knowledge bases as well as systems of engagement like Chat, Slack, Teams, forums, and communities. This "plug-and-play" approach ensures a smooth implementation process within Enterprises. This also helps to onboard new products within days instead of weeks or months.

In summary, Ascendo’s differentiation lies in its ability to go beyond general AI capabilities by specializing in support and service domains, serving as a true collaborator, automating a wide range of tasks, and being highly adaptable through seamless data source integration. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline processes and harness the potential of AI within their unique contexts.

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