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Voice Of The Customer

Many of your customers, who are already in a stressful or complex situation and need help, may become agitated during an interaction. How do you bubble up the exact issues from their interaction to make meaningful changes?

It can be scary, but when you understand where it’s coming from and why it’s happening, it can be easier to handle. For example- often, the customer is frustrated or facing an issue about the situation that led them to the interaction, rather than the interaction itself.

Let's look at the stats!

  • 35% of customers have become angry when talking to customer service. (American Express)

  • 27% of Americans report that ineffective service is their number one customer service frustration. (Statista)

  • 12% of Americans rate their number one service frustration as “lack of speed.” (Statista)

  • 78% of customers have given up on a transaction because of a negative customer experience. (American Express)

Voice Of The Customer

Product teams are always looking for ways to get the emerging trends and the top of mind issues affecting customer satisfaction. Ascendo's "Voice of the Customer" module has an enhanced workflow to allow the user to not only see the trending issues and look at possible opportunities but to develop the solution. Multiple AI models work in tandem to identify the issues, identify opportunities and solutions and provide human feedback to further adjust the issues that need to be addressed. These can be approved with a click of a button and they are automatically sent to AI Bot so they can quickly present the top issues and solutions. More issues are resolved before reaching the agents, higher customer satisfaction by the end customers.

Following are what Customer and Product teams can do with Voice of the Customer:

  • Identify areas of product that needs improvement.

  • Identify Customers who have the most issues, lowest sentiment, highest effort and low satisfaction. Manage next steps to make Customer Experience top-notch for every customer.

  • Reward experts and identify which agents need training.

  • Bring out intelligence in knowledge - improvements, duplicates, expiration.

  • Take your top issues and manage self service through self service channels.

Voice Of The Customer

Voice of the customer provides insight into the support process, agent training, knowledge intelligence or product improvements. Everyone wins! Ascendo autonomous trending issue finder and workflow brings smiles to all!


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