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Modern Support Experience For CEOs

Modern Support Experience For CEOs
Modern Support Experience For CEOs

Katie Deighton reports Forrester research summarizing what we have experienced:

  • The average customer experience score, or CX score, in the 2022 survey was 71.3, down from 72.0 in 2021.

  • With a “very poor” CX score of 48.6, a decline from 2021’s 54.1, the Internal Revenue Service was found to have the worst customer experience of all brands and agencies surveyed.

  • No companies were rated excellent, which requires a score of 85 or higher, for the sixth year in a row.

  • Pet-care company Chewy Inc. claimed the top customer experience rating for the second consecutive year with a score of 83.0.

The worst part about the customer service job is - Too many windows and apps to learn and navigate

"It can take opening, referencing, copying, pasting from 9 different apps to just reply to one email or respond to one phone inquiry"

Employee Experience today:

Douglas Kim wrote in his research article "Why nobody wants to work in customer service".

Today forrester has released a study that summarized the pandemic experience that still continues:

👉 68% of respondents said the phone was a new “empathy channel for customers”.

👉 70% said their agents were dealing with more emotionally charged consumers.

👉 Agent turnover swelled to at least 80% -- and in extreme cases to as much as 300%

While both Customer and Employee Experience are ranked the lowest, it also presents us with an opportunity to improve from here.

What can a CEO do?

Create a culture that puts customers in the center

Listen to every interaction your customer has with your company.

If your Support Experience is like this, then you are missing out on several Digital Transformation opportunities:

This is what can be done today!

Have a senior leader that owns Experience

Learn more,


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