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About  Experience Dialogue!

In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t have really a straightforward answer. We then bring in speakers who have been there, and seen this but approached it in very different ways.

This is a space for healthy disagreements and discussions but in a respectful way.


Just by the nature of how we have conceived this, you will see passionate voices of opinions, friends having a dialogue and thereby even interrupting each other or finishing each other’s sentences.

Our Mission

"At the end of each dialogue, we want you and our audience to leave with valuable insights and approaches that you can try at your workplace- and continue the discourse in our slack channels! "

11 LinkedIn groups

5 Slack Channels

Continuous Engagement

4818 members in leadership

Our Support Community

Total audience of 330K


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GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) prompts and associated best-knowledgeable posts.

Dated : 19th Jan 2023

Duration : 35 Minutes

Turning customer service into profit center

There is excitement on many tech and business channels on ChatGPT from Open.AI.

Dated : 20 December 2022

Duration : 24 Minutes

ChatGPT and the future of Customer Support

“Support today reacts to external metrics rather than proactively creating and using data”

Dated : 1st December 2022

Duration : 48 Minutes

Using proactive metrics for support operations 

Learn how to use everyday interactions, to automate creating knowledge, and spreading knowledge to help colleagues and serve customers efficiently. Utilize knowledge objects in Salesforce to be able to bring value to Slack.

Dated : 10th November 2022

Duration : 16 Minutes

Automation Dreamin' 2022 Knowledge Intelligence with Salesforce and Slack.

In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t really have a straightforward answer. We then bring in speakers who have been there, seen this but approached it in very different ways.

Dated : 27th October 2022

Duration : 30 Minutes

Using AI to Drive Service Improvements

Essential for any business in discovering markets and developing products.

Dated : 11th August 2022

Duration : 54 Minutes

The voice of the customer in discovering markets, developing products

A series of tasks can be delegated to a group of users at different measures

Dated : 28th June 2022

Duration : 32 Minutes

Customer Playbooks: When is it useful and how to create one that evolves?

Facilitates the ability to keep customers satisfied and to retain them.

Dated : 10th June 2022

Duration : 30 Minutes

Deepdive Voice of the Customer Playbook

Whether it is a small or a larger organization, diverse talent or hiring should be important for real growth.

Dated : 7th April 2022

Duration : 57 Minutes

How to Attract and Hire Diverse Talent?

An organization that sees its customer service department as a cost center is ignoring a significant opportunity to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Dated : 10th March 2022

Duration : 42 Minutes

Growth Through Support Dialogue

The pandemic has taught us innovative ways to connect with key customers more than ever before.

Dated : 5th May 2022

Duration : 61 Minutes

Strategies to manage difficult situations with key customers

Does your client portfolio include international customers or do you expect it to in the future?

Dated : 25th May 2022

Duration : 25 Minutes

Cultural changes that we see within CX in the African continent

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