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  • Voice of the Customer-Product Insights

    Voice of the Customer-Product Insights

  • Agent Assist in a Slack Channel

    Agent Assist in a Slack Channel

  • Customer to Agent Handoff through AI Bot

    Customer to Agent Handoff through AI Bot

  • Junior Agent Troubleshooting a Problem to Resolution

    Junior Agent Troubleshooting a Problem to Resolution

  • Agent Assist to Fully Automated Resolution

    Agent Assist to Fully Automated Resolution

  • Customer Getting Self-Service

    Customer Getting Self-Service

  • Expert Agents Using Ascendo to Aid Solution

    Expert Agents Using Ascendo to Aid Solution

  • Take A Tour | Ascendo AI

    Immerse Yourself in a Demo Tailored to Your Unique Scenario Take me to Tour Text Select Use Case Ascendo Product Tour Struggling to keep up with customer demands? You're not alone. That's why we built a revolutionary AI-powered copilot specifically for Customer Service and Support. With over 1800 pre-built use cases, all designed to revolutionize the way you handle customer interactions. But don't just take our word for it. Explore our self-tour option and see real-world examples of how Ascendo AI can help you : ​ Answer customer questions instantly with accurate and informative responses. Resolve issues fast with step-by-step guidance and troubleshooting procedures. Proactively offer solutions before problems arise, exceeding customer expectations. Reduce support ticket volume by deflecting simple inquiries with self-service options. Personalize interactions with AI-powered sentiment analysis and customer history. And much more! Explore our self-guided product tour and discover how our AI copilot can transform your customer service operations: Witness the power of AI in action : See real-world examples of how our use cases are helping businesses like yours achieve remarkable results. Experience the intuitive interface : Get a feel for how easy and user-friendly our platform is, designed for both technical and non-technical users. Discover the possibilities : Uncover the wide range of use cases available, from simple tasks to complex problem-solving scenarios. Explore Now Trusted By

  • Lunch and Learn - Enterprise Service Man | Ascendo AI

    SAP America, Palo Alto Lunch and Learn - Enterprise Service Management Tuesday, March 12, 2024 11:30 am - 1:00 PM (PT) Event Sponsor About the Event We're excited to sponsor the SAP 2024 Lunch and Learn Series with a session on Enterprise Service Management on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. Learn how you can leverage SAP Enterprise Service Management to pull in data from across the enterprise to manage and improve service delivery to employees, suppliers, distributors, and business partners. You'll learn how SAP Enterprise Service Management will enable your team to: Leverage AI to extract content from emails and other sources and automatically create cases and summarize inbound emails into digestible summaries Work from a single source of truth to resolve requests, inquiries and exceptions – eliminating the need to go to multiple systems to get data Follow predefined workflows by role-supported Knowledge Management Automate manual processes and extend the capabilities of your current SAP investments To register, please complete the attached form. We look forward to seeing you there! Simply let us know if you will be joining online or in person at the SAP Palo Alto office located at 3412 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304. Registration Register Now I agree to my contact data being passed to SAP to contact me as a follow-up from my attendance of Lunch and Learn – Enterprise Service Management. Use of your contact data is governed by the SAP’s Privacy Policy. Entering your personal data above and clicking submit constitutes your consent for Ascendo AI to process your special categories of data as described in the Privacy Statement. Yes, I agree to let SAP make my event profile publicly accessible to event attendees and to display the public attributes of my profile on SAP event websites and mobile applications. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Yes No Will you be joining Online or In Person Online In Person Country* Department*

  • Press | Ascendo | Awards

    Featured Forbes 01 Why it's Time To Automate Service Incidents? Google: Lets talk AI 02 Let's meet - Ascendo is proud to be at GoogleAI Ascendo will be discussing on AI for business. The event focused on AI in Robotics 03 ROBO Business MSP EXPO 04 Ascendo spoke on the power of visibility, analytics, automation & visualization at the MSP Expo at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada View All Press Awards and news We are invited to various conferences, publications and workshops to share our experience and case studies. Thank you for providing us the opportunity. Blogs, awards, videos and news related to it are linked here. Get started with Ascendo Today Contact us Awards There is a saying that one can be an expert in something but not in everything. Large language models (LLMs) are also becoming specialized. The degree of specialization depends on which algorithms are dedicated to gathering specific pieces of expert knowledge. Forbes Technology Council Dataflow Is The New Workflow Read more This story encapsulates the essence of our journey, where we embraced the initial challenge and experienced the transformative power of understanding and empathizing with our customers. By blending technology with genuine human connection, we are inspired to foster a customer-centric approach and drive innovation in all our endeavors. Forbes Technology Council From Surface-Level To Deep Insights: Revolutionizing Customer Understanding For Better Software Development Read more Ascendo, AI-enabled service copilot integrates with Confluence enhancing the comprehensibility and usability and unlocking the full potential of knowledge base. Confluence and Ascendo AI Confluence for AI Service and Support Read more SAP and Ascendo AI partnership delivers AI service copilot in the SAP store. This plug and play engine is used by customer support, sales and marketing support SAP Ascendo AI Partneship SAP and Ascendo AI partnership delivers AI service copilot through the SAP store Read more Our co-founder @karpagamn will be sharing at @MIT #MITAI conference on Unleashing Industrial AI. Details at #AI #AI4ALL #womeninAI #WomenInSTEM #ML #DataScience Conference Unleashing Industrial AI Read more Don't miss the discussion with @karpagamn , the co-founder of @eKrypInc on the power of #Visibility, #Analytics, #Automation & #Visualization at #MSPEXPOLV. Discussion The power of Visibility, Analytics, Automation & Visualization Read more @karpagamn Co-founder of @ekrypto a prescriptive Service on TM Intelligence, also joined us to discuss the future of Industrial AI. #MITAI Discussion The Future of Industrial AI. Read more Highly attended meet up in Microsoft store at Stanford Center meet up Al in the enterprise Read more Provided bootcamp to industry leaders and startup founders TiEinflect AI ML Bootcamp Read more Karpagam Narayanan is a co-founder of Ascendo, a Prescriptive Service application. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Predictive vs. Prescriptive in Manufacturing Service Read more In these interactions, we pick a hard topic that doesn’t have really a straightforward answer. We then bring in speakers who have been there, and seen this but approached it in very different ways. Webinar,Events & Trending Exclusive Events Read more Ascendo Human-Machine self learning engine increases the speed, accuracy, and productivity of customer support and success teams. Ascendo helps agents What is ascendo? Read more With the decline of average CX scores over the past years (recently dropping down to 48.6), the need for better support experience is at its peak. Support Experience Automate your Support Experience Read more Curious about new technological advancements in the manufacturing industry? Explore our analysis of 392 global startups & scale ups Global Startup Heat Map Discover 5 Top Predictive Quality Solutions for Manufacturing Read more In this session we discuss on actual survey based roadblocks that AI projects face, real life use cases, methods and processes. Attendees will be able to Intelligent Service application Maximizing ROI in AI projects Read more The field service management (FSM) industry revolves around incidents that are handled for end employees. Forbes Technology Council Why It's Time To Automate Field Service Incidents Read more When you think you do not have much data, you stop to look at potential possibilities with existing data. However, it becomes a singular focus to collect additional data. Forbes Technology Council Do You Have Enough Data For Machine Learning? Read more At my company, we're always asked if machines will eventually will take away support jobs. Do computers substitute humans or, are they complementary to existing workers? Forbes Technology Council Man And Machine In Customer Support Read more, Inc. (UBI# 604783313) is a business corporation registered with Washington State Secretary of State. The business incorporation date is July 14, 2021. Washington State Secretary Open Govma, Inc. Read more Ascendo is a SaaS customer support software to help agents and end-customers resolve support issues. Customer Support Software Ascendo is a SaaS Read more provides AI-based solution recommendations for support agents. Agents can use those recommendations to provide answers to customer questions. Agents can also mark incoming conversations to tag them as an issue. Slack integration application for Slack Read more We discuss on actual survey based roadblocks that AI projects face, real life use cases, methods and processes. Choose your AI projects wisely Ascendo AI Maximizing ROI in AI projects Read more This is a year of articles and conferences about artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML). Even though ML has made strides in the consumer world, it has only started to show value in enterprises. Forbes Technology Council The Evolution Of Data Read more

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