YI Technology

YI is an international brand focusing on the research and development of video imaging and vision technologies.. YI technology aims to provide enhanced safety and productivity to its users worldwide through its excellent hardware and cutting edge software. While it is a cloud security software company it also provides intelligent video and imaging solutions by the manufacture of Kami home security cameras. Since it was launched in 2014, YI has gained various prestigious awards for its practical and affordable smart technology solutions for individual and enterprises around the world.

The need for centralized support

Support Manager at Yi technology speaks of the challenges of having a centralized support that is spread worldwide. He also aims to decrease the number of incoming tickets indicating issues with their device from their customers and looked for solutions accordingly. 

Ascendo's AI Chatbots

With the help of Ascendo’s artificially intelligent chatbots, Kami has been able to offset many of the commonly asked questions. Kami’s customer support agents have increased their efficiency by 30%, since customers are receive the right guidance directly without human intervention. More that 80% of resolutions were automated using our chatbots. The same Ascendo platform is being implemented on Kami Vision’s mobile app, allowing 400,000 cloud subscribers to use this solution engine.

Overall, Ascendo helped Yi increase their representative efficiency, reduce costs and improve the overall customer experience.



" Ascendo has allowed me the ability to offset many of the commonly asked questions with their AI - driven chatbots. At the same time our reps have increased their efficiency by 30% by the the AI rep interface. We are now implementing the Ascendo platform across our mobile app which will put it in touch with 400000 cloud subscribers. "

Support Manager

YI technology

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