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2024 Predictions for Customer Service Teams

Explore the future of customer service with AI and machine learning trends. Download our 2024 predictions for Customer Service teams to stay ahead and position your operations for success.

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AI is clearly at the forefront of technology and really one of the few areas drawing heavy excitement and funding. At JumpCloud, we have started down the path of leveraging AI capabilities in our self-service chatbot experience. In a few short months, it has already proven more effective at resolving cases compared to traditional chatbot answer programming. I would vote for Integrated Knowledge Intelligence and Proactive Service as the next big areas in AI for CS org. My recommendation is to start somewhere small with limited risk and you will learn a ton just through the process. 

Manuel "Manny" Ruiz 

VP of Global Customer Success 

The path ahead for all of us is immersed in technology. The resource constraints that face many teams in every industry mean we look even closer at the advances that will give leverage. I see many Enterprise level companies needing to vet security and compliance needs and the legit hesitation therein. We are so early with the "rules" that no one is sure how fast to go. While Microsoft may trust OpenAI, do we? While the big tech is building out the future, the many startups out there toting their AI (Artificial Intelligence) wares are also awesome, as they can build fast. However, in the enterprise, we tend to choose the least risky options. I see a great deal of insight in this report that really speaks to where we are at this moment with the various decisions we need to make.

Heather Fralich, 

Head of Support Engineering

As a CS leader, I'm thrilled by the transformative potential of AI, particularly Domain Language Models (DLM), can have on customer support. Empowering customers with self-service AI bots featuring generative capabilities accelerates issue resolution, heightens satisfaction, and delivers curated, efficient experiences. This not only elevates the customer journey but also drives substantial ROI through enhanced operational efficiency and strategic resource allocation. It marks a paradigm shift in customer support strategy, directly influencing increased customer stickiness."

Parul Vij Chopra 

Head of Customer Success at Avatour 

AI can help us analyze customer data to increase retention, upsell, and renewal rates. Support and Success leaders need to pay close attention to those signals that show customers’ likelihood to buy more products or leave our company because of customer support interactions. So far we could not analyze the data for signals like this because technology was not advanced enough. But now we can surface this data in an easy to digest format for all customers and cases: We can see how our customers are using our product We can identify their pain points and needs We can offer them personalized solutions and recommendations I am thrilled about these solutions. 

Emre Tekoglu 

Vice President Of Customer Support 

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