Promethean Power

Promethean Power

Promethean Power makes and sells milk chiller and cold storage systems using the “Equipment-As-Service” model. In this model, Promethean Power owns the servicing of the equipment so the customers don't have to worry about the maintenance. Customers essentially pay Promethean based on the use of the equipment.

The Challenge

Since Promethean Power owns the responsibility of maintaining the equipment, any malfunctioning equipment would result in a substantial loss for their customers due to milk spoilage. In turn, this affects the revenue for Promethean Power. Jofi Joseph, Vice President, Sales, and Operations, at Promethean Power, created a comprehensive support team that includes both remote experts and field technicians.

The remote experts monitor the sensor data coming from the equipment and based on the alerts send the technicians to attend the machines.
wanted a partner that can proactively figure which machines need servicing, solve problems quickly when a customer calls in and increase per machine revenue.

Jofi’s priority is to double the number of equipment that is being supported by each technician from about 12 to more than thirty and increase the machine uptime.

Improving Equipment to Tech Ratio

Promethean collects sensor data from each machine. There are over 12 sensor data that gets recorded every two minutes for each machine. These sensors provide alerts if something goes wrong - for example, the Discharge Pump is off. Though such alerts are useful, Promethean wants to predict when a machine will have a problem so they can do proactive service measures.

Working With Ascendo

Ascendo is a configurable predictive customer support platform. By working with Ascendo, Arkajit Mandal, Head of Strategy and Product Development, says that we are realizing that we need to be collecting different and additional data to make the best use of Ascendo.

Looking Forward to Scaling with Ascendo

Jofi knows that “as-a-service-business-model” means service is the core and for higher profitability and customer experience, we need the team to be efficient.


"We use Ascendo to identify hidden trends that show inefficiencies in the machines and potential future catastrophic problems. This turns our team from having to react to proactive and solve customer service problems before they occur. We are able to increase the number of machines supported by each Tech to 34 from the current 12 or so"