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Automatic Organization

Your support data is organized as symptoms-problem-root cause-solutions. As a customer support agent, you can view solutions based on which data sources and possible root causes you want to explore.

This structure is constructed automatically as you upload your data, all on one platform.

AI Search

True learning engine

Ascendo’s AI Search is able to solve a variety of complex issues in real-time. It brings out relevance-context-intent consistently as it harnesses tribal knowledge specific to our clients.

The uniqueness of Ascendo’s AI Search comes from superior quality of solutions.

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Know what your customer needs

All interactions with customers are stored and used as a knowledge bank to understand the trends and patterns of customer concerns over time.  

Models are updated periodically taking into consideration customer and support agent feedback.

One Platform

Smoothen your customer support management experience with all the essential functionalities combined in one platform.

You need not switch from one app to another for data organization or to get real-time results.

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Need specific Information ?

While Ascendo’s AI Search can cater to your customer support needs irrespective of the industry, it can also be configured to gain specific knowledge.

Cognitive AI

When you explain an issue, you will get answers based on the symptom context, recency, expertise, solution effectiveness, product journey and intent.


Conversational AI

Powered by Ascendo's AI Search  will return the most likely solutions to your queries in your Conversational AI channels - Chat, Whatsapp, Slack.

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Ascendo provides: