Experience Dialogue – How to Attract and Hire Diverse Talent?

When: 7th April, 9 AM-10 AM PST

Where: LinkedIn Live

Panelists – David Leighton, Niharika Srivastav

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Whether it is a small or a larger organization, diverse talent or hiring should be important for real growth.

Diverse hiring helps to gain a global perspective within the organization. Also, by hiring different age groups, cultures, and genders, we can provide diversity to different clients with different ideologies, social values, and work culture asterisks. Diversity Hiring is one of the factors that reduce the monotony in the business workflow. By doing so make your business more effective and attractive.

Diversity helps to develop the organization not only on an international basis but also on an international basis. An overall improvement can be found in quality and efficiency in the organization when people with different experiences and skills come together to accomplish a specific objective. When a group of talented people and a diverse team present their ideas in different ways, then the result is also successful.

Start promoting diversity in the workplace! When you get options of different thoughts on the same subject, then the depth of the subject emerges. This will help in increasing the business revenue of your business simultaneously.


Top Reasons why Diverse talent is important.


1.     To target the global market, a diverse workforce would be your strength.

2.     With diverse hiring, get a multilingual task force.

3.     It will help to boost the business's success.

4.     Promote innovative thinking skills in organizations through diverse hiring.

5.     Get different ideas and think together in a single workplace. 


In any organization when people with different ideologies, ages, gender, culture, and values work on the same team, it will give rise to a small competition that can motivate the employees to work harder. After all, good and healthy competition has always been the driving force behind the success of the organization.


So, the question is- “How to Attract and Hire Diverse Talent?

Here is an Experience dialogue that Ascendo AI is trying to facilitate!


Our speakers for the dialogue- David Leighton and Niharika Srivastav engage in an insightful conversation to bring to you their unique take on several topics related to Hire Diverse Talent.

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Watch the full video now:

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