Kami Vision

Kami Vision is a computer vision solutions provider that is driving the IoT 2.0 wave with an edge-based AI platform. Kami Vision are subject matter experts of computer vision technology and and have decades of technical expertise in AI and security solutions to bring you the most robust and seamless vision AI platform.

The Challenge

With their ever growing customer base, Kami Vision’s Chief Product Officer searched for solutions to offer self-service, easy knowledge sharing and quick triaging.

Ascendo's auto recommendation system

Ascendo’s auto recommendation engine was able to increase their support agents’ efficiency as their customers are able to receive the right solutions without having to communicate with the support team. In a matter of weeks, Kami’s support agent’s choices matched those recommended by Ascendo’s chatbot, more than 83% of the time. 

The value of our unique system

It was a matter of understanding the relevance, context and intent of what the customer was asking about. It was critical to be able to gather the tribal knowledge and convert it to structured data and at the same time help agents worldwide to personalize their response when called upon to resolve customer’s issues. 


Having achieved this, Ascendo operated as a partner to Kami Vision to efficiently scale their customer support.


Chief Product Officer

Kami Vision


" In a few weeks, Ascendo's auto recommendation engine started matching our agents' response more than 80% of the time ....... Ascendo is showing that it can understand the relevance, context and intent of what the customer is askingto be able to help them. We saw Ascendo's ability to capture the tribal knowledge and convert it to structured data.  "

Transform the way you help your customers