Self Learning Resolution Engine

The New DNA For Support Intelligence

With Ascendo, learning from data, expert agents and customer interactions never stops.  With our engine, you can resolve issues instead of deflect.

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How it works?

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Self learning engine for customer support agents as well as customers that they support.  Ascendo is not a stagnant AI engine.  Ascendo is a fully automated platform that learns from support data and then superimpose that learning with every interaction it has with humans (both agents and customers)


Ascendo mimics what an expert does to resolve any type of problem.  Any agent can now get the top resolutions just like an expert would solve.

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Ascendo can provide automated Self Service in any of your channels - slack, email, phone, whatsapp, forum, website, portal, sms.  We will be there to help your customer in any channel they want to reach out to.  You even get to pick if you want conversational or question and answer interface.

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Work on updating or creating only the relevant knowledge that will help meet your self service or agent quality goals

Enable automatic tagging, prioritization, categorization and triaging of your interactions


See and interact across all customer channels in one place.  When your customers want to talk to a human, we make sure the hand off is seamless.  Your customers never have to repeat.

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Get the Voice of Customer to improve Product, Customer Experience, Reduce Churn and manage productivity, efficiency and quality.  All in one place!