Senior Director


" In order for us to properly scale our organization we made use of their Resolution Prediction tool to basically from pull from all the known repositories across both companies and aggregate them. That helps to scale along with the ability to cross train and provide ongoing support to our customers. "

Support Manager


YI Technology

" Ascendo has allowed me the ability to offset many of the commonly asked questions with their AI - driven chatbots. At the same time our reps have increased their efficiency by 30% by the the AI rep interface. We are now implementing the Ascendo platform across our mobile app which will put it in touch with 400,000 cloud subscribers. "

Kami Vision

Senior Product Officer


" In a few weeks, Ascendo's auto recommendation engine started matching our agents' response more than 80% of the time ....... Ascendo is showing that it can understand the relevance, context and intent of what the customer is askingto be able to help them. We saw Ascendo's ability to capture the tribal knowledge and convert it to structured data.  "

Service Engineer



"We had a customer that has over 200 xt-3300 and cx-1200 combined in their network that we had to scan for the ixt temp issue. We were able to do that with the Ascendo tool in less than 15 minutes. Normally something like that would take almost a week, so that was a real great turnaround. It helped the customer in that we were able to identify what locations needed the stock to replace those units, very quickly. So it works real well, its very intuitive and we're thankful to use it."

Field Engineer



" Ascendo AI tool significantly decreases the amount of time it takes the to analyse ixt debug files to identify potential issues in the field. What used to take hours now takes a matter of minutes and is simple enough for anybody to use. "